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Settlement “Auf dem Sande” in Luckenwalde

Preparatory study / outline plan

Together with the office ‘Kollektiv Stadtsucht’ (Joachim Faßmann) from Cottbus, the INIK GmbH elaborated the preparatory investigations (VU) such as the outline plan for the settlement ‘Auf dem Sande’ in Luckenwalde. As part of the project, the INIK GmbH also held several workshops and citizens walks as well as expert talks. The settlement “Auf dem Sande” was among others, designed by the architects Josef Bischof, Hans Graf and Bruno Langkeit. Luckenwalde is an urban gem of the architecture and urban planning of the Weimar period. This applies particularly to reformed housing construction between 1918 and 1932.
The project was developed in close cooperation with the Federal Transfer Office for the Protection of Urban Monuments and the Brandenburg State Office for Monument Preservation. The responsible state authorities have announced that the settlement could be included in the urban development program “Urban Monument Protection”. The prerequisite for the program to be included is the performance of preparatory investigations in accordance with Section 141 of the Building Code (BauGb) and the subsequent definition as a redevelopment area in accordance with Section 142 of the Building Code (BauGb).

Dr. Lars Scharnholz
2017 - 2019
Scope of service:
Consulting, urban planning
City of Luckenwalde

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