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WIR! – Alliance of Vogtland Pioneers

Development concept for the establishment of an institution of the alliance

‘WIR! Alliance of Vogtland Pioneers’ is an overarching alliance consisting of actors from research, education, industry, culture, and civil society, and aims to be a model region of the development and application for innovative technologies for conservation and use of the architectural heritage in the Vogtland between East Thuringia and West Saxony.

The concept for setting up a central body of the alliance will be drawn up by mid-2022 as joint project by the INIK GmbH and INNOVENT e.V. as part of the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) structural change funding program ‘WIR! – Change through innovation in the region’. This is followed by the first implementation steps up to 2025 as well as further steps based on the concept.

Services by the INIK GmbH include stakeholder participations, the development of business models in three variants, qualitative interviews, space requirement analysis as well as the determination of requirements for the selected location Greika VI / 1 in Greiz and the comparison with existing concepts. An “iQ Vogtland” innovation quarter is to be built at the site in the coming years, with the central facility of the alliance as its core.

Heidi Pinkepank
2020 - 2021
Scope of service:
Concept creation, stakeholder participation, strategic-scientific advice, performance phase 0 and 1
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Promoter - Jülich)

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