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Integrated urban development concept (INSEK) Drebkau

Integrated urban development in structural change

The city of Drebkau in the Spree-Neisse district commissioned INIK GmbH with the creation of an integrated urban development concept (INSEK). All the city’s strategic determinations for the coming years were made in it. Therefore planning, economics, social, cultural and ecological aspects were taken in account.

The INIKs team attached particular importance to closely coupling the integrated urban development of Drebkau with the structural change and thus with the economic region of Lusatia or respectively the office of the Lusatian representative. The project ‘Wilde Möhre Plus’ was also developed within the framework of the INSEK. The overall process of the INSEK was professionally guided up to the point of a positive decision by the city council. Regarding the urban energy issue, the INIK GmbH cooperated with the Thuringian Institute for Sustainability and Climate Protection (ThINK) from Jena. The INSEK is an essential basis for the provision of federal and state subsidies (including urban development programs).

Dr. Lars Scharnholz
2019 - 2020
Scope of service:
Strategic planning, urban planning, funding advice
City of Drebkau

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