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Feasability Study Market Hall

Feasibility study for the operation and design of a new market hall

The objective of the project ‘Implementation of a feasibility study for the construction and operation of a market hall in Rostock’ is the development and evaluation of a viable concept for a multifunctional market hall, which will function as a location for events and sales of regional agricultural produce in Rostock. As part of the study the INIK GmbH together with Isoplan from Saarbrücken examined the urban and economic feasibility of three market hall types at three different locations: (1) weekly market in the Köpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt, (2) multifunctional hall aside the city harbour and (3) ‘Erlebnismarkthalle Plus’ on the new marketplace.
The opportunity of a market hall will strengthen the city’s urban tourism, the diversity of regional produce and sustainable urban development in context of the BUGA (Bundesgartenshow).

Dr. Lars Scharnholz
2020 - 2021
Scope of service:
Consulting, feasibility study
Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

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