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Topographie of Modernist Buildings

The project Topomomo, funded by the EU, intends to create a touristic network between places of classical modernism in the German-Czech border region. The basis for ‘Topographie of Modernist Buildings’ is the house Schminke in Löbau built by Hans Sharoun in 1930. The Institut für Neue Industriekultur (INIK) has created and designed a travel book with the agency Ahoi from Dresden. In addition, a Topomomo travel exhibition was developed and presented and a multilingual Topomomo app also was designed. Text and image material has been provided by the INIK GmbH. The project was recognized by the Free State of Saxony as exemplary for cross-border cooperations.

Dr. Lars Scharnholz
2013 - 2014
Scope of Service:
Book creation, app and exhibition development
Stiftung Haus Schminke

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